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Aussie hard rockers from rural Victoria


Aussie hard rockers from rural Victoria

Say whatever you like.

Gritty. Authentic. Workers. Outsiders.

The reality is, Black Aces have the kind of dirt under their nails typically found in much older men.

From the pubs of rural Australia to stages the world over, Black Aces are a heart-sleeved throwback to the sweaty pub rock heyday of 1980s Australia.

Creating a furious live brand of blitzkrieg power rock, Black Aces boast songs of mateship, disappointment, booze, rural angst, and lonely hearts.

Ever the upstarts, Black Aces struck out playing every Melbourne watering hole they could find before graduating to touring overseas and playing festivals alongside the likes of Dee Snider, The Quireboys and Airbourne.

And they're not stopping there.

With a third album on the way, 2023 will see Black Aces hit the road once again as they gear up to release their first new music in more than three years!


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"Bolting out of the gates with face-melting, high-energy riffs, Australian rockers, Black Aces, raised the bar for the evening and blew the roof off the venue" - HRH MAG, UK


"Black Aces. Absofuckinglutely brilliant!" - CGCM ROCK RADIO, UK

"They remind me of us in early days when I see them playing live and giving it their all. They’re really cool guys and great players – definitely one to watch." - RYAN O'KEEFE (AIRBOURNE)

"Black Aces is like getting a new vintage AC/DC in 2017! And there ain't nothing wrong with that!" - DEE SNIDER (TWISTED SISTER)

"Some bands are retro-built, like a 2013 Mustang dressed up to look like a 69 Boss 302 (ahem, Jet). Sure, that’s cool for novelty and a momentary nod to the past but these guys are that 69 Boss 302... Black Aces are a perfect musical time machine who somehow manage to own their inspired sound... A sledghammer!"" - WICKEDD CHILDD, AUSTRALIA

“And so begins a ten song onslaught of pure balls to the wall rockn’roll. It's only 7.30pm but the place is heaving … the Borderline was rocking. I've never seen so many heads nodding.” - METALTALK, UK

"They burst onto the stage, no set list, no decorum and just went straight for the jugular and within minutes the whole venue was grinning from ear to ear and singing along…This show had everything, brilliant songs, massive amounts of energy, broken guitars…” - JACEMEDIA, UK

"Rumour has it that they once rocked a venue so hard, the venue had to close its doors and reopen as an antique/craft coffee house, knowing that no man, woman, band or beast could ever rock as hard again" - FORTE, AUSTRALIA

" fuck it rocks! And that my friend is what will save us from growing beards and becoming hipsters. God bless the denim-clad fellows from BLACK ACES and all who sail with them..." - THE ROCKPIT, AUSTRALIA

"No ballads, no compromise... what more could you ask for?" - SLEAZEROXX, CANADA


"8.5/10" - BEAT, AUSTRALIA