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That's right, the Black Aces boys are back!

It's been a bloody long innings between drinks, but after 12 months of forced downtime, Black Aces finally back at it! The lads return to the stage the March long weekend, kicking off with an appearance at Melbourne favourite Cherry Bar on Friday March 5th, followed by a return to home town Bendigo at Handle Bar on Sunday 7th Marchwhere they'll be joined by local rocker Shann Lions, plus, it's a public holiday the next day, so it's sure to be a big one!!!

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Recently Pete had a chat with Dave over at Devils Gate Music about the early days of the band, the impact of COVID, musical memories, AC/DC and more! Here's a sneak peak...

The boys from Bendigo known as Black Aces should have been putting their feet up after kicking in some doors on their ‘Fear No Beer’ UK tour. We all know what happened next, and instead of counting the battle scars from a jaunt around this sceptered Isle, they are kicking their heels waiting on this pain-in-the-arse pandemic to bugger off. Aces drummer, and bloody legend, Pete McMillan, joined us through the old interweb for a chat about all things Aces related.

What are the origins of the band, how long have you been playing together?

"It all really started as Tyler’s high school band. He put it together with a few of his mates. It went through a few line-up changes in those early days. Things didn’t really start kicking-in in earnest until the band became a 4 piece, and not long after Tyler asked me to join. The boys had their first east coast Aussie tour booked and the drummer decided to leave a couple of weeks before it was due to kick off. I’d known Tyler for years at that point, my band had shared hometown stages with various versions of the Aces over the years. I can remember after a show one night sitting in the beer garden of the Newmarket Hotel, our favourite watering hole (and sorely missed), and Tyler walked up and asked if I’d be keen to fill in for this tour. Naturally, I said ‘No worries!’. We had 2 rehearsals and hit the road..."

CLICK HERE to read the entire interview....

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When Bendigo rock band Black Aces heard the title of heroes AC/DC’s storming new single ‘Shot In The Dark’, it raised a few smirks in the camp.

Often cited, or simply dismissed, because of their own penchant for loud four chord rock, Black Aces saw the funnier side of sharing the title track of their 2016 debut album with the rock legends.


“Every review the band has ever had mentions AC/DC at some stage, which is fair enough,” says drummer Pete McMillan.

“Usually its positive, but some say we lean too much into their sound. Well now they’ve gone and pinched our bloody title!” he laughs.

Despite the constant comparisons coming humorously full circle, Pete insists the band couldn’t be happier.

“2020 has been a shocker. It’s no secret how much we love AC/DC, so it if means hearing some new music from them, we are more than happy sharing!”

Enjoying slightly relaxed COVID restrictions in hometown Bendigo, Black Aces - like everyone - are still lamenting the year that could have been.

“We had a couple UK tours, a few festivals and recording the new album all have to go on the back burner. It happens, no use complaining about it. We are all in the same boat”

Black Aces are quite philosophical about what lies ahead, and to celebrate 4 years since the release of their own Shot In The Dark album, are having a sale on their webstore where you can pick up signed copies of the album for $7.50.

“You’ve just gotta take the little wins, get on with things and hope it improves don’t ya?”

You can grab your signed copy of 'Shot in the Dark' for the bargain basement price of $AUD7.50 right here;

Also check out Black Aces special 'Shot In The Dark' Playlist of Spotify. Celebrating both Black Aces and AC/DC with some choice Aces cuts, plus a select few of our favourite, if less talked about, AC/DC tracks! Listen right here: LISTEN HERE

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In June Black Aces were meant to performing at Wildire Festival in Scotland as part of the now cancelled FEAR NO BEER TOUR. However, in the face of the corona-virus enforced cancellation, the legends at Great Music Stories decided to put on a replacement radio festival to celebrate the cancelled festival, calling it Spirit of Wildfire. It took place over the same 3 days as the original festival, and featured a stack of bands from Wildfire bill. Black Aces provided a 20 minute set live from the band's garage rehearsal space in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

For limited time, you can listen to the whole thing, exclusively. right here...

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Check this out! For something a bit different, Tyler's tried his hand at writing more than just Aces lyrics. Teaming up with The Art of Fox for Speek Evil Volume 2, he's put together a very special album review paying tribute a band that's near and dear to hearts of the Aces, Rose Tattoo, we'll leave you to guess which album, you'll have to grab a copy of Speek Evil. Speaking of, Speek Evil is a ripper hand illustrated rock n roll periodical put together by Foxy from Sydney rockers The Neptune Power Federation, it's of full great rock'n'roll yarns and excellent artwork. Not stopping there though, to coincide with the release of Speek Evil on August 10th, Black Aces will dropping a brand new episode of their web series Aces Classic Albums, also paying tribute to Rose Tattoo!

You can pre-order your copy of Speek Evil Volume 2 right now, copies will be shipped August 10th.

Pre-order now

Aces Classic Albums Episode 5 will also drop August 10th, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss it!

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Prepare for something a little different this Saturday (July 18th) night from 7pm (AEST)!

Black Aces will be performing a very special acoustic set as part of the Play At Home series of shows put on by Bendigo Venues & Events to support of local musos and businesses during this tough time for all. Catch a few choice covers, plus a couple brand new Aces songs, stripped back, live from Bendigo's go to toasted sanga hotspot Ghosty Toasty.

Hit our Facebook page right now to watch the entire thing!




It is with heavy hearts that we have decided to postpone our upcoming FEAR NO BEER TOUR that was to take place June/July 2020 across the UK, plus Germany and the Netherlands. 

This is unprecidented for the Aces, as we very rarely cancel or postpone shows, as such, it was a decision not made lightly and was one we pondered long and hard as information came to hand. However given unfolding events, and the volitile and uncertain nature of the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic currently being felt around the world, it was a decision sadly, that ultimately had to be made.

It's not all doom and gloom though, as plans are already underway to reschedule new dates, so stay tuned for more info on that soon! At this point in time however, we have made the decision to refund all tickets for all club shows. A bit of extra cash in ya pocket goes a long way in these trying times so we'll endeavour to have tickets refunded automatically via point of purchase. If you do have any issues with refunds please contact us via the form on our website, or get in direct contact with the ticket seller.

As we said, we will be announcing new dates, so keep your eyes peeled. 
Stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home and look after yourselves and we'll be back soon!


Black Aces
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